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5 Top Insights on the State of Inbound in 2017

Yesterday, HubSpot released their annual “State of Inbound” report for 2017

This year’s report is based off 6,000+ responses from marketing professionals and c-level executives providing insights on marketing trends, challenges, and strategies.  Keeping with our annual tradition, The Market Element team spent time reviewing and discussing the[...]

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Chuck Miller Insights Marketing ROI Hospitality

Making a Marketing Splash in Hospitality: 244% ROI in 15 Months [Infographic]

According to a leading digital research company, eMarketer, 52% of all USA travelers will make their bookings online and of these individuals 60% will be using their mobile devices to book their reservation.  As we begin 2017, the digital ecommerce era is alive and well and GROWING in the hospitality industry!

Truth is, the first impression with[...]

December 27, 2016 Read More

Chuck Miller Insights Blogging

6 Blog Monetization Methods to Cash in on Blogging

Monetization is a hot topic among bloggers - whether they are blogging for business or simply to advertise on their blogs. If you are blogging for fun or working to establish yourself as an expert within your industry, you can always use your blog to drive more revenue. Use this guide to learn more about what marketing on the blog is and some[...]

September 12, 2016 Read More

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The Market Element Turns 3 Years Old: Five Reasons Why We Beat the Odds

A couple weeks ago I stumbled across a study exploring why startups succeed or fail.  The research study is called Startup Genome Report Extra on Premature Scaling - a project coauthored by Berkeley & Stanford faculty members with Steve Blank and 10 startup accelerators as contributors. The report analyzed 3,200 high growth startups and found[...]

June 29, 2016 Read More


5 Inbound Marketing Trends to Track In 2016 and Beyond

No matter the industry you're in, the solutions you sell, or the audience you target, every brand investing in a stronger online presence needs to utilize the power of inbound marketing.

But even with this said, inbound marketing is nothing new. The potential that comes with implementing inbound marketing tactics has hit the mainstream, resulting[...]

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Blogging and Inbound Marketing: How Does It Work?

Inbound marketing is the new trend everyone is trying to follow. If you listen to the hype, it's a completely new form of marketing that slips in under an audience's defenses, and delivers your message right to their vulnerable spots. It takes time, but when you hook new customers with inbound marketing, you keep those customers. Sometimes for[...]

March 10, 2016 Read More