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Chuck Miller Insights

10 Elements of an (Im)Perfect Sales Pitch


Truth be told, I’ve never given a ‘perfect’ sales pitch, not even close! But in this post I’m going to outline the foundational elements that have transformed my (im)perfect pitch into my most powerful selling tool.

June 24, 2015 Read More

Industry Expert Interviews Chuck Miller Insights

Pint-Sized Marketing Lessons: Interview with Odell Brewing Company

Living in the great State of Colorado comes with some basic inalienable rights. Coloradans expect at least 300 days of sunshine per year, lack of oxygen, inappropriate ‘Mile High’ jokes from out-of-staters, nightmare I-70 traffic and most importantly, access to the world’s best craft beer. Speaking as a proud Colorado native and craft beer fan, we[...]

June 2, 2015 Read More

Chuck Miller Insights

A Profitable Handshake

In July 2010, Geoffrey Beattie, professor of psychology at the University of Manchester developed a mathematical formula detailing the core components and fundamentals of an optimal handshake. According to Professor Beattie, the optimal handshake “…is one of the most crucial elements of impression formation and is used as a source of information[...]

February 12, 2015 Read More

Andrew Sober Insights

Cheesy Marketing Advice

The Cheesecake Factory. What comes to mind first when you hear that name? If you thought “cheesecake”, I completely understand where you’re coming from, but what I think of first is “options”. After a recent meal at Boulder’s local Cheesecake Factory, it really struck me just how many choices are on the menu. Covering everything from Mexican to[...]

January 30, 2015 Read More

Chuck Miller Insights

Marketing Lessons from Two-Buck Chuck

Wine snobs beware, this blog post may insult your high-class sensibilities and fundamentally alter your opinion on your cherished, dusty, and valuable wine collection. Then again, maybe not!

June 10, 2014 Read More

Chuck Miller Insights

Finding Your “Mr./Mrs. Wonderful”

If you’re expecting advice on how to find your soul mate, this blog will be tremendously disappointing! However, if you looking to grow professionally and develop as a leader, than it’s probably worth your time to continue reading this blog. The inspiration for this blog came from a vivid and memorable dream I had last night. The dream begins with[...]

March 25, 2014 Read More

Chuck Miller Insights

Preparing To Fail Fast

The very wise Benjamin Franklin once said, “By failing to prepare, you are preparing to fail”. In life and in business, preparation is a critical discipline in improving future outcomes and performance. Given we live in a world of uncertainty and risk, preparation can only take us so far, and does not guarantee ultimate success. It is inevitable[...]

February 11, 2014 Read More

Chuck Miller Insights

Let Your Spectra Do the Talking

In October 2010, a small group of scientists, engineers, and the ‘token’ marketing guy, formed picoSpin LLC ~ manufacturers of the world’s first miniature Nuclear Magnetic Resonance (NMR) spectrometer. At the time, our product (picoSpin-45 NMR spectrometer) was truly revolutionary, a bench-top NMR spectrometer that was 1/100 the size and 1/10 the[...]

December 23, 2013 Read More

Guest Blogger Insights


So, you want to build a new website for your business? Rest assured, professional web designers all share a common goal: to use their talent and knowledge of the web to make your business’ website a smashing success. After all, what’s good for you is also good for them. But hold up!

November 9, 2013 Read More

Guest Blogger Insights

Are You Trainable?

A few years ago, we decided to add a second pet to our family. My husband was vying for a hunting dog – one, he said, that would provide a little more value than our current pet – the fluffy white dog that sat on our laps most of the time. I caved, and we connected with a well-known breeder of Brittany Spaniels. Beautiful and sleek, these dogs are[...]

October 21, 2013 Read More