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Chuck Miller Insights

Preparing To Fail Fast

The very wise Benjamin Franklin once said, “By failing to prepare, you are preparing to fail”. In life and in business, preparation is a critical discipline in improving future outcomes and performance. Given we live in a world of uncertainty and risk, preparation can only take us so far, and does not guarantee ultimate success. It is inevitable[...]

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Chuck Miller Insights

Let Your Spectra Do the Talking

In October 2010, a small group of scientists, engineers, and the ‘token’ marketing guy, formed picoSpin LLC ~ manufacturers of the world’s first miniature Nuclear Magnetic Resonance (NMR) spectrometer. At the time, our product (picoSpin-45 NMR spectrometer) was truly revolutionary, a bench-top NMR spectrometer that was 1/100 the size and 1/10 the[...]

December 23, 2013 Read More

Chuck Miller Insights

Duck Dynasty

Disclaimer: The views and opinions expressed in this blog are those of the author (Chuck Miller ~ University of Kansas & Colorado Alumnus) and do not necessarily reflect the official policy or position of The Market Element LLC, or that of the other co-founder (Oliver Griebl, University of Northwestern Alumnus). If said author ruffles any 'duck'[...]

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Chuck Miller Insights

My Americano Addiction

I recently stumbled upon a website called the “Coffee Cost Calculator” (www.hughchou.org/calc/coffee.cgi). After a few minutes of deep, introspective debate, I proceed with an honest calculation of my coffee (americano) consumption. Truth be told, I was afraid to know the real facts behind my americano addition. After all, wouldn’t life be better[...]

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Chuck Miller Insights

Fermata Mantra

A fermata is musical notation, indicating to the performer that a note should be sustained for longer than its note value would indicate. The duration of holding the note is up to the discretion of the performer or conductor. In essence, the fermata allows the performer or conductor artistic freedom with the music. To appreciate the artistic value[...]

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Chuck Miller Insights

My Runner’s Low – A Short Memoir On Failure

In June 2003, I took ownership of a well known and established running store in Boulder, CO (Runner’s Choice). At the time, I thought I had landed the perfect job! I was an avid and passionate runner, and now the outright owner of a running specialty store in Boulder, Colorado (‘Running Capital, USA’). It was a perfect situation, how could this[...]

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Chuck Miller Insights

Content Is King...But

In a recent study, 90% of customers find custom content useful and 78% believe that organizations providing custom content are interested in building good relationships with them (TMG Custom Media). In today’s digital economy, providing meaningful, relevant, and impactful content is of paramount importance. Businesses that prioritize custom[...]

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Chuck Miller Insights

'Go, Dog. Go!' Marketing

Story time is a daily event in our household, usually positioned between the bath and bedtime. On a typical evening, story time involves our son (Joshua) picking out his favorite books for us to read. In a very unscientific observation, I’ve noticed one book in particular seems to be one of Joshua’s favorite: ‘Go, Dog. Go!’ by P.D. Eastman. If you[...]

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Chuck Miller Insights

Look Out Below

It was the summer of 1990, my good friend (Oliver Griebl) and I, and a small troop of Boy Scouts from Boulder, CO, embarked on the adventure of a lifetime! The trip was called “The Canyon Capers”, a 2-week high-adventure in the Arizona wilderness (Grand Canyon, Havasu Falls, and the Colorado River). One fine morning, a few of us took a hike from[...]

July 27, 2013 Read More